Pictured above: NIU Chief of Police Tom Phillips speaking to a student after one of LEAD's Huskies Ethical Awareness Talks (H.E.A.T.). During his presentation, Chief Phillips discussed his views on ethics, police brutality and the problems arising with violence in today’s society. Since ethics is a major pillar of the College of Business, H.E.A.T. talks were designed to provide students with the opportunity to hear from campus and community leaders on how ethics apply to their profession.

Building Ethical Leaders Using an Integrated Ethics Framework (BELIEF)

The BELIEF program is a systematic approach to integrating ethics into the college curriculum. Officially launched during the Fall of 2006, BELIEF encompasses the following components:

BELIEF provides a common business ethics foundation to all College of Business (COB) majors in the UBUS 310 - Business Core: Lecture course. This foundation is based on the COB's Ethics Handbook: Building Ethical Leaders and a decision-making framework. The Initiatives' learning objectives of identifying ethical issues and applying a decision-making framework are also integrated into subsequent classes in all disciplines throughout the college.


To be the educational leader fostering core ethical values and moral courage from the classroom to the business world.

BELIEF Mission

To build ethical leaders through the integration of program development, faculty support, business community involvement and learner engagement. Fulfilling this mission equips the learner with a lasting set of practical tools to apply ethical values in business practices.


What is BELIEF?

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