International Business Seminars (IBS)

The purpose of the International Business Seminars (IBS) program is to allow participants the opportunity to be exposed to the international business environment and practices outside the United States. The seminars provide insights into the cultural, social, and political environments of each country visited. This is a unique way for individuals interested in pursuing a career in international business, or a related field, to view first-hand international business practices while experiencing the excitement of traveling outside the United States.

In each country, you will learn about the business environment by making multiple business visits to both smaller local firms as well as large multinational enterprises. Each visit includes some combination of lectures, panel discussions, or plant tours, followed by a Q&A session. Almost all presentations will be conducted by senior management personnel.

The IBS program is co-sponsored by over 25 universities across the United States. Therefore, in addition to new international connections, you also have the opportunity to make life-long friends from other parts of the United States.

For more information, please contact Dr. Chih-Chen Lee at or (815) 753-6205, visit the IBS homepage, the IBS Facebook group, or the NIU Study Abroad Office.