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All in a Summer's Work - Marketing Professor to Travel to Romania, Myanmar, Taiwan, and Australia

There is nothing that Kohl's Corporation Professor of Retail Marketing, Dr. Mark Rosenbaum, would rather do this summer than travel abroad to teach. And he is doing just that with four meaningful trips planned May through August. Many of our professors span the globe during the summer months to research or teach; here's a peek at one globe trekker.

During the month of May, Dr. Rosenbaum will begin his summer teaching a services marketing course at the American Hotel Academy (AHA) in Brasov, Romania. As a volunteer at the university years prior, Rosenbaum helped the AHA develop into a leading educational facility. He has also brought in other scholars to help the AHA prosper, and the school recently won UK accreditation.

In July, Dr. Rosenbaum will travel to Yangon, Myanmar as a host of a Services Marketing Planning Executive in conjunction with the PS Business School. This will be his second time leading this seminar and his fourth time working with the school. Dr. Rosenbaum's goal is to help PS Business School become a leading institution in Myanmar.

In July, Dr. Rosenbaum is also hosting the doctoral consortium at the Frontiers in Services Conference at the National University of Taiwan, as well as co-chairing the Frontiers conference that follows. Frontiers is currently the leading services conference in the discipline. He will also be discussing his latest research with Geneva-based LivingWell Cancer Resource Center at the conference regarding the best non-medical treatments for cancer patients and survivors.

Finally, in August, Dr. Rosenbaum will be spending three weeks in Brisbane, Australia giving a series of lectures to undergraduates, graduate, and doctoral students on services marketing at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Dr. Rosenbaum is engaging in two major research projects and will be joined with faculty and doctoral students from QUT to develop these projects into two major research areas. From QUT, he will be working closely with Rebekah Russell-Bennett, a leading services marketing, consumer behavior, and social marketing researcher. She is also an editor of a new Services Marketing textbook in which Dr. Rosenbaum was the contributing author.

Dr. Rosenbaum is the Kohl's Corporation Professor of Retail Marketing in the Department of Marketing and has been at NIU since 2006.

What unique trips are you taking this summer? Share your journeys and photos with us at businessalumni@niu.edu. Submissions may be featured in an upcoming newsletter and will be entered in a drawing to win a t-shirt. To be eligible for the drawing, entries must be received by August 1, 2013.