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Do Visiting Seven Continents Lead to Success?
A Student’s Perspective on the Passport Program
Student Contributor: Daihee Cho

This fall, the College of Business Passport Program was officially launched. With the first group of students going through the program this semester, we wanted to give you a closer look, from a student’s perspective. NIU College of Business student, Daihee Cho, was part of an extensive pilot program and shares his experience…

As an involved senior Accountancy student at NIU, I was invited to take part in the pilot of the College of Business Passport Program. I had successfully completed all the requirements of the Career Compass Program , (a mandatory program for all incoming freshmen to help them discover more about their business interests and skills; ultimately mapping out, and preparing them for, their path), and was one of about 20 students to participate in the Passport Program pilot.

I am an international student from South Korea. My dad actually graduated from NIU in late 1980s, and, from my dad, I heard about the strong Accountancy program which brought me to NIU. NIU has provided me with great tools and positive experiences to launch my career—the Passport Program is one of those experiences. It helped me to get more involved, find other interests, and plan my career more successfully. I would not have known how many opportunities there are at NIU, and I found how incredibly successful we can be if we take advantage of these opportunities. It can be scary going to meetings, events, or programs for the first time, but the Passport Program is a tool that helps students overcome this anxiety with practice. It is a tool that takes talented, hard-working students, and reminds them that they have unlimited opportunities to grow as Huskies. It opens their eyes, broadens their experiences, and enhances their skills.

"It is a tool that takes talented, hard-working students, and reminds them that they have unlimited opportunities to grow as Huskies."

By requiring students to participate in the program and to fulfill its seven pillars, or “continents”, students will get more involved with diverse events and programs at NIU. This will also broaden students' academic/leadership opportunities, helping them to adjust to NIU and launch a successful college life. College of Business students will also be more competitive when launching their career. When students graduate with completion of the Passport Program, all students will have a transcript that shows they have completed the different continents of the program. This transcript will help students be more competitive and differentiate themselves at interviews for full-time employment or for internships. Maybe even equally important, students will have fun! Students will have more opportunities to meet with other students who are not in their classrooms, dorms, or halls. They will build relationships outside of Barsema Hall and they will gain confidence from their many experiences.

Through the College of Business Passport Pilot Program I had opportunities to meet with successful alumni and faculty/staff members; hearing their experiences inspired me to keep working hard. I have such pride at NIU, and I strongly believe that we have highly-trained, hard-working, amazing students. Giving each student experiences from the seven continents of the Passport Program will create an even stronger College of Business Huskie. This is something I take pride in being a part of.