Hiring an Accountancy Student

Do you need to hire an NIU Accountancy student for an internship or full-time position?  Can’t wait until the September 27, 2018 Career Fair?  We have students available! 

To find internship or full-time candidates now, please post your job opportunity on “Huskies Get Hired.”  Here is a link to that site: http://niu.edu/careerservices/employers/index.shtml.  

Using Huskies Get Hired is the BEST way to attract NIU students and obtain resumes of interested students.  Contrary to popular belief, Accountancy professors don’t typically know all students’ job status, so we are unable to forward “a few resumes.” 

If employers tell the Department of Accountancy that there is a new listing on “Huskies Get Hired” we can send an email to our students, telling them about a new opportunity.  If you’d like us to do this, please e-mail Tamara Phelan, Director of the Accountancy Internship Program, at tphelan@niu.edu.  Tamara may also be contacted at 815-753-6208.