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Degree Requirements

Phase One: Business Foundation Core Courses

The Phase One foundation courses will be included in a student's program of study unless she or he has earned a C or better in corresponding undergraduate courses or a B or better in equivalent graduate courses elsewhere, or has passed the first and only attempt of the Phase One exemption examination.

Phase One: Business Foundation Core

NIU Undergraduate Equivalent

ACCY 505 Financial Accounting Concepts

ACCY 206 or ACCY 288

FINA 500 Survey of Business Economics

ECON 260 and ECON 261

FINA 505 Fundamentals of Financial Management

FINA 320 or UBUS 310/311

MGMT 505 Principles of Management

MGMT 333 or UBUS 310/311

MGMT 511 Legal Aspects of Business

MGMT 217

MKTG 505 Graduate Survey of Marketing

MKTG 310 or UBUS 310/311

OMIS 505 Principles of Operations Management

OMIS 338 or UBUS 310/311

OMIS 507 Business Information Systems

OMIS 351 or ACCY 310

OMIS 524 Business Statistics

UBUS 223

Students who do not have 15 undergraduate semester hours in finance must complete the following (or their equivalents) with a grade of B or better in each course.