Minor in Finance (Total Hours: 24-34)

The minor in finance is suggested for students with strong analytical skills and an interest in the finance field. Students wishing to apply for the minor in finance must fill out the attached application once the following pre-admission requirements are met. The application must be completed by the semester deadline (available in Department of Finance or online by clicking here).

Retention in the finance minor is competitive based on the student's overall GPA. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75, and must have earned a grade of "C" or better in the following courses:

ACCY 206 - Introductory Financial Accounting (3)
OR ACCY 288 - Fundamentals of Accounting (3)
UBUS 223 - Introduction to Business Statistics (3)
OR STAT 301 - Elementary Statistics (4)
OR STAT 350 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3)

FINA 320 - Principles of Finance (3)
OR UBUS 310 - Business Core Lecture (9), AND UBUS 311, Business Core Application Seminar (3)
ACCY 306 - Financial Accounting Information for Business Decisions (3)
OR ACCY 331 - Financial Reporting I (3)
FINA 330 - Corporate Finance (3)
FINA 340 - Investments (3)
FINA 350 - Financial Markets and Institutions (3)

One course from the following list must also be successfully completed (3):
FINA 430 - Treasury and Credit Management
FINA 440 - Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
FINA 445 - Security Analysis Practicum
FINA 450 - Commercial Bank Management
FINA 455 - Analysis of Derivative Securities
FINA 460 - Analysis of Fixed Income Securities
FINA 470 - International Finance
FINA 485Cases in Financial Decision Making

* ACCY 306 is a prerequisite to the Finance Core (FINA 330, FINA 340 and FINA 350). The Finance Core and ACCY 306 must be completed with a C or better before enrolling in any 400-level finance courses. (A student may not repeat more than one of the Finance Core courses.)

Students are required to follow all prerequisites in the current Undergraduate Catalog.