Human Resource Management

With a curriculum recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management, NIU’s program provides students with a broad background in all the key areas of human resource management, including training and development, recruiting and staffing, compensation and benefits, HR information systems, and employment law. 

The curriculum is designed to develop students’ abilities by

  • developing expertise in the key areas of human resource management, and
  • cultivating decision-making skills
  • advancing skills in problem-solving, relationship building, communication and professional development.
Management Competencies

Program highlights:

  • Excellence.  NIU’s curriculum is recognized by the Society for Human Resource management professional organizations as a model curriculum because it addresses al the key areas of the field.
  • Internships. Students gain valuable work experience through internships in HR in small and large organizations.
  • Alumni Support and Networking.  Alumni serve as mentors and coaches for every student, providing career guidance and support.  Over 100 speakers come to campus each semester to meet with students.
  • Student Organizations.  Our Society for Human Resource Management Student Chapter (link) has been named one of the nation’s strongest student chapters.


NIU graduates enter careers in a wide range of HR generalist and specialist positions as well as executive team leader, or manager-in-training in global, mid-sized, start-up or non-profit organizations.

Some sample job titles from some of our recent graduates include:

  • Staffing specialist
  • Survey and organizational development specialist
  • Compensation analyst
  • Trainer
  • Leadership development specialist
  • HR administrator
  • Employment relations manager
  • Recruiter
  • Manager-in-Training

What do our alumni say?

“My instructors at NIU prepared me for a career in HR. The classes gave me experience for the real world situations that I would encounter. When I left NIU, I could immediately make an impact in my job. I am grateful that the curriculum at NIU prepared me so well.” (KH, Human Resource Generalist)

“Throughout my time as a student in the Management Program at NIU, I was mentored by multiple professionals who I still stay in touch with to this day. The mentor-mentee relationships, advice, and real world experience has helped me become the work professional I am today. I am so thankful for the well-rounded education that the program provided me, from my time as both a student and active member of the SHRM program.” (MR, Director of Recruiting Operations)