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Management Department

Management Internships

An Internship in Management is a professional business experience that provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable business experience outside the classroom and may result in full-time employment with the intern employer after graduation. The internship program provides opportunities during any semester: summer, spring, or fall. All Management majors are encouraged to seek out internship opportunities to enhance their education and career options.

Current Internship Opportunities

When employers notify the Management Department of an available internship opportunity, the information will be posted until the end of the semester. The Department may not be notified when a position has been filled.

Finding Additional Internships

  1. Visit Huskies Get Hired (www.niu.edu/careerservices/erecruiting/student.shtml). Post your resume and search the database for internship opportunities.
  2. Attend the Internship Fairs (www.niu.edu/CareerServices). Look for dates and company information.
  3. Read your NIU email. Management majors receive occasional emails about current internships opportunities from the Management Department and the College of Business.
  4. Network. Pursue contacts received through family and friends for their ideas and contacts which may lead you to an internship opportunity.
  5. Contact the Management Department (mgmt@niu.edu).

Receiving Credit for an Internship

Receiving credit for your internship carries the following completion requirements.

  • Schedule a internship planning session (Contact the Management Department at mgmt@niu.edu).
  • Development of an Internship Proposal
  • Bi-Weekly Internship Status Reports
  • An Internship Evaluation Completed by your Internship Supervisor
  • An Internship Portfolio

Please contact the Management Department @ mgmt@niu.edu for detail or with questions.