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Management Department

Student Organizations

One very valuable way for students to develop professional knowledge, skills, and friendships is to actively participate in the programs offered by student organizations. You are invited to become involved in their activities. Be alert to notices and announcements regarding the activities of these organizations that are posted in classrooms and on bulletin boards near the Department of Management.

    The Collegiate Association of Unreasonable Social Entrepreneurs (CAUSE) student organization aims to provide every person with the inspiration, the skills, the experiences, and the networks needed to make a social impact through innovation and entrepreneurial pursuits. We want to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship and the integration of enterprising activities, promote partnerships and joint-events with social enterprise organizations across the NIU campus and beyond, and facilitate networking opportunities with social entrepreneurs. Cause aims to provide "hands-on" experience to its members by facilitating engagements and partnerships with social enterprise organizations. CAUSE is open to all students who are interested in making a social impact.

    The MSAB has been established through the Northern Illinois University governance policy and procedure for student involvement and participation in administrative affairs and matters impacting on student academic programs. The purposes of MSAB are (1) to adequately reflect and represent student views; (2) to advise the department on all matters in which students have substantial interest, (3) to develop and coordinate procedures to select faculty for excellence in teaching awards. Members of MSAB serve as liaisons between the department and Management majors. MSAB has also played a critical role in selecting faculty and students to be recognized at the department's annual awards banquet (including the department's representative for the Excellence in Teaching Award).

  • SIGMA IOTA EPSILON (SIE) more info...
    Sigma Iota Epsilon is both an honorary and a professional management fraternity. This means that its general purpose is two-fold: to encourage and recognize scholastic excellence and to promote cooperation between the academic and practical aspects of management. Specifically, the purposes of Sigma Iota Epsilon are:
    1. to stimulate interest and achievement in the field of management.
    2. to stimulate scholarship in management.
    3. to facilitate contacts between students and practicing managers.
    4. to recognize persons who have made contributions to the field of management.
    5. to gain recognition of the contribution and value of scholastic achievements in the management discipline.

    Membership benefits include: national and regional meetings, scholarships, guest speakers, field trips, management colloquia, curriculum counseling, affiliation with the Academy of Management, prestige and recognition, lifetime membership, awards banquets, SIE's embossed membership certificate and jewelry pin.

    The national Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM) is principally comprised of management students but also has members with majors in technology, psychology, mathematics, computer science and others. SAM offers a broad scope to those students ultimately pursuing careers in the general categories of administration and management. Benefits of campus SAM membership include: nine-month subscription to the SAM Advanced Management Journal, opportunity to compete with other SAM campus chapters, guest speakers, "no risk" opportunity to learn the latest in management theory and practice, awards banquets, and receipt of a membership certificate and card. The society is a national organization that operates under a board of directors and a president. Its officers work closely with the American Management Association. Its central aim is to provide professional encouragement and support, along with educational services, that enhance the field of management as a professional discipline both in terms of administrative theory and applied management performance for business and industry.

    The Society for Human Resource Management is a professional organization sponsored by the Dept. of Management primarily for those students that are interested in careers in the field of Human Resource Management, including such areas as employee recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits management, and labor relations. SHRM offers its members an assortment of activities throughout the academic year including speakers, plant tours, shadow-day programs, internship opportunities, and projects. SHRM-NIU is affiliated with the national SHRM and has supportive professional chapters in Chicago, Rockford and DeKalb County. Student members receive numerous publications from the national organization including HR Magazine. SHRM is open to all students with an active interest in the field of Human Resource Management.