NIU Business in the News

  • NIU Accountancy is designated a CPA exam field test location
    (NIU Today, October 2016).  The Department of Accountancy has been designated a CPA Exam Field Test location by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).  The AICPA rolls out the next version of the Uniform CPA Examination on April 1, 2017.  The Next Version will place greater emphasis on testing higher-order cognitive skills, such as critical thinking and analytical ability.  By serving as a field test location, NIU will help the AICPA assess student performance with new question types, some of which will be included in the Next Version when it launches  Read the NIU Today story for more information.
  • General Education gets an ‘Integrative Learning’ Makeover
    (The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 8, 2016) NIU’s Chair of the Department of Management Sarah Marsh was quoted in a CHE story on integrative learning. The story showcases NIU’s approach to this education initiative, which has resulted in seven “thematic pathways” and includes experiential learning and professional development programs. Marsh serves as the coordinator of the university’s creativity, innovation, and change pathway. Read the story "General Education gets an ‘Integrative Learning’ Makeover".
  • An unhappy home makes for an unhappy workplace
    (WGN Radio, “The Wintrust Business Lunch” segment, October 9, 2015). Assistant Professor of Management Brian McCormick was interviewed on WGN Radio about the results of his co-conducted research “My Family Made Me Do it.” During his six minute interview, McCormick shared research findings that indicated managers with problems at home generally behave in a verbally abusive manner at work. McCormick also suggested ways organizations can combat verbally abusive behavior. (Click here to listen to the October 9th interview at the 21 minute mark.)
  • Twitter’s Interim CEO and Leadership Succession
    (Bloomberg Business, July 1, 2015) NIU’s Associate Professor of Management Christine Mooney contributed her expertise on leadership transitions to Bloomberg Business for a story they reported on the appointment of Twitter Interim CEO Jack Dorsey. Among Mooney’s many credentials, in 2012 she was named the Bill and Paula LeRoy Professor of Social Entrepreneurship. Mooney’s other areas of expertise include creativity and innovation, leadership succession, and researching the rising trend of interim CEOs. In the Bloomberg story, Mooney shares some of her research findings on temporary leaders, which includes the six ways companies use interim CEOs. Click to read the Bloomberg Business story “Twitter interim CEO Jack Dorsey faces high expectations”.
  • How executive education is being challenged
    (Daily Herald, June 27, 2015) A panel of business and education experts discussed the changing landscape of executive education, lifelong learning, and MBA programs.  The panel – which included the President of Waubonsee Community College and the NIU Business Assistant Dean for MBA Program, among others – spoke before a group of suburban education and business professionals and noted that employee skills, business needs, and the jobs of the future are being redefined rapidly and with great velocity.  This Daily Herald Business Ledger’s Newsmakers’ Forum on The Future of Executive Education was hosted at NIU’s Naperville campus.  Read the story “Executive education in transformation.”

  • NIU partners with 5 community colleges for joint business degree
    (Daily Herald, June 12, 2015) NIU and partnering community colleges entered into an agreement to offer the high quality NIU Business degree to participating community college students. The agreement involves Elgin community College, William Rainey Harper College, College of Lake County, McHenry County College, Oakton Community College, and NIU. Designed primarily to meet the needs of non-traditional students who are unable to attend classes during the day because of work or family commitments, the program will be offered out of NIU’s Hoffman Estates campus. Read the story “NIU, 5 community colleges launch dual business degree”.
  • Nepal earthquake as seen through the eyes of NIU Marketing professor and Fulbrighter
    (WGN-TV, April 27, 2015) While on a Fulbright assignment in Nepal, NIU Marketing professor and Fulbrighter Mark Rosenbaum experienced the massive earthquake that devastated Kathmandu. With little remaining power in his apartment before his building partially collapsed, Rosenbaum reported on the conditions via Skype to major media outlets. Rosenbaum is safe but indicated to the Naperville Sun and other media outlets that "I don't plan to leave" after the quake. Rosenbaum's firsthand account of the earthquake was covered by several major media outlets from WGN-TV, WLS-TV, CBS, the Daily Herald, Chicago Chronicle to the Naperville Sun, among many others. Listen to Rosenbaum describe the experience on WGN-TV.
  • "Sex, lies and CEOs" - Fortune features NIU Finance professor's research
    (Fortune magazine, April 15, 2015) NIU Finance professor Adam Yore's co-conducted research on the impact of CEO indiscretions was featured in Fortune magazine. Their study shows that when trust is betrayed, shareholders lose a great deal of money over the short and long term. Their study also found that the impact is particularly severe for cases of CEO dishonesty. Read the story "Sex, lies, and CEOs: The hefty price of executive indiscretions".
  • National Radio Outlet interviews NIU Finance Professor
    (March 22, 2015) The nationally syndicated Money Talk radio program featured NIU Board of Trustees Professor of Finance Gerry Jensen, who discussed, and took phone calls on, the implications of changes to Federal Reserve policy on investments. During the half-hour segment, program host Bob Brinker interviewed Jensen and also referenced Jensen's co-authored book "Invest with the Fed: Maximizing Portfolio Performance by Following Federal Reserve Policy."
  • WGN features the Mike and Kristina McGrath Entrepreneurship Initiative
    (WGN Radio, February 24, 2015) The Roe Conn show on WGN Radio featured Mike and Kristina McGrath who spoke about their $1 million investment in entrepreneurship at NIU Business. Mike McGrath, a NIU management alumnus, and his wife Kristina made this generous investment in order to deepen and enrich the college's teaching of entrepreneurship. As shared in the WGN interview, the Mike and Kristina McGrath Entrepreneurship Initiative at NIU Business is focused on inspiring possibilities within students and providing experiences to help them create and utilize an entrepreneurial mindset and skills set.
  • NIU Finance Professor's book referenced by major financial media outlets (WSJ and CNN Money, February 2015) The Wall Street Journal and CNN Money both referenced NIU Board of Trustees Professor of Finance Gerry Jensen's co-authored book "Invest with the Fed."  In their articles, both media outlets explore the implications for investing should the Federal Reserve raises interest rates in 2015 as anticipated.  Along with citing his book, the WSJ includes a quote from Jensen in their story:  "Fed up:  How Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Stocks."  The CNN Money article is entitled:  "Making Money as the Fed Raises Rates Won't be Easy."   Jensen's co-authors are Robert Johnson, President of the American College of Financial Services, and Luis Garcia-Feijoo, Finance Professor at Florida Atlantic University.  Their book "Invest with the Fed" is slated for a March 2015 debut.