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Society for Human Resource Management

Management By Objectives Statement

Organizational Goals

  • Increase chapter membership from the previous year.
  • Give student members opportunities to network with HR professionals from the area.
  • Expand student members' knowledge of Human Resources and current HR practices in the workplace.
  • Identify important issues in the HR field today.
  • Provide a forum for development of such professional skills as networking, interpersonal communication, and business etiquette.
  • Provide students with a "realistic job preview" of work in the HR field, which will allow students to jump into their careers with enthusiasm and a head start.


  • Provide leadership and coordination to the entire organization and to the executive committee.
  • Establish effective communications between officers and membership.
  • Work closely with the faculty advisor and other officers to establish goals and plans.
  • Chair regular and executive meetings.
  • Identify and assign project leaders.
  • Provide assistance to other officers and project leaders as needed.
  • Evaluate organizational effectiveness and initiate improvement activities.


  • Assist the president in ways that the president deems necessary.
  • Be able to serve in carrying out president's role in case of absence or inability.
  • Assist president in setting up meeting agendas and meeting activities, including speakers and tours.
  • Assume leadership of special projects.
  • Assist in coordination and communication.
  • Work with entire executive board to achieve organizational goals.


  • Collect membership dues and maintain membership records.
  • Budget and control the disbursement of organizational funds.
  • Coordinate fund raising efforts.
  • Provide updated membership lists to other officers.
  • Provide periodic reports of financial status.
  • Coordinate the purchase and awarding of speaker gifts.
  • Work with entire executive board to achieve organizational goals.

Publicity Chair

  • Responsible for communication information to membership about upcoming meetings using multiple media (announcements, chalking of blackboards/sidewalks, calling trees, schedules, etc.).
  • Manage and coordinate call lists.
  • Prepare and produce SHRM-NIU newsletters.
  • Work with entire executive board to achieve organizational goals.


  • Maintain SHRM NIU Chapter website
  • Provide useful links for members regarding SHRM student activities.
  • Field web-related questions from members and potential members

Merit Planning Coordinator

  • Coordinate the planning and reporting required for the merit award process.
  • Serve as an assistant to the president in planning each year's programs and activities.
  • Assist in implementing organizational programs.
  • Assemble documentation and develop reports necessary for merit award applications.
  • Work with entire executive board to achieve organizational goals.

Student Members

  • Attend student chapter meetings.
  • Keep updated on HR events and workshops at the university and in the local community.
  • Participate in the student chapter events and functions.
  • Join and maintain membership in both the student chapter and the national SHRM organization.