Business Passport

Passport is your opportunity to gain experiences outside the classroom. You will complete hands on experiences that will broaden your business perspective, enhance your marketability and help to define your personal brand.

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    Learn About It!

    UBUS 200: Passport Introduction is a one-time, 75-minute introductory workshop that will show you how to get started on the right path toward completing your Business Passport. Your journey will focus on seven key business continents:

    Business Communications

    Employers tell us the No. 1 skill set they look for in new hires involves effective communication. Our goal is to help you master oral, written and verbal communication skills.

    Career Development

    We'll help you select a specific business major and career based on information and evidence suggesting which path will lead to your greatest satisfaction and success.


    We're dedicated to building ethical leaders through the integration of program development, faculty support, business community involvement and learner engagement. Fulfilling this mission equips you with a lasting set of practical tools to apply ethical values in business practices.

    Experiential Learning

    We provide you with many opportunities to connect with organizations to tackle real-world business issues. Before graduation, it is important for you to apply what you have learned in the classroom to a real-world business problem.

    Global Awareness

    We combine business fundamentals with immersive experiential learning situations. Participating in a global experience exposes you to the international business environment and offers insight into the challenges faced by actual businesses in a rapidly changing global business environment.


    Leaders in business are not only the chief executives, but they also exhibit certain characteristics. We hope to instill leadership characteristics in all our graduates.


    The service continent helps you understand the role business plays in the challenges faced by various populations. It cultivates gratitude, compassion and other valuable characteristics both in and out of the workplace. The Business Passport Program provides a way for you to discover interests and talents as they relate to supporting the local community and helps you develop a sense of civic responsibility.

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    Do It!

    Your task is to participate in at least one approved Business Passport event or activity from each of the seven continents before graduation.

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    Passport Achievement Levels

    Can you do more? Yes, you can do more and become a Scholar! This is a great way to create a specific brand for yourself in whichever continents you chose.

    Continent Scholar

    • Complete five or more events or activities in one to three continents
    • Earn: Pin and certificate

    Continent Scholar pin and certificate

    Passport Scholar

    • Complete five or more events or activities in four to six continents
    • Earn: White cord and certificate

    Passport Scholar white cord and certificate

    Distinguished Business Scholar

    • Complete five or more events or activities in all seven continents
    • Earn: Tri-colored cord and certificate

    Distinguished Business Scholar tri-colored cord and certificate

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    Complete It!

    Register for UBUS 201 in your last semester of graduation. Make sure you have completed at least one experience in each of the seven continents and check Blackboard for further specific course requirements.


    In UBUS 201, you will receive a copy of your completed passport transcript, or you can print your own transcript. Bring your transcripts to interviews! This is your opportunity to present your achievements, talk about your experiences and really show employers all that you have to offer.