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Phone: 815-753-1637
Fax: 815-753-8515
BH 345
Web page

Name Title Phone Office Email
Berg, Margaret Office Manager and Assistant to the Chair 815-753-6095 BH 345C margberg@niu.edu
Blanc, Steve Instructor 815-753-6200 BH 345F sblanc@niu.edu
Cefaratti, Meghann Grant Thornton Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6382 BH 345L mcefaratti@niu.edu
Churyk, Natalie William F. Doyle Endowed Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6210 BH 228H nchuryk@niu.edu
Cripe, Brad Assistant Chair, Gaylen and Joanne Larson Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6202 BH 228C bcripe@niu.edu
Devona, Sandy Instructor 815-753-6206 BH 228D sdevona@niu.edu
Dimond, Timothy Instructor 815-753-1669 BH 345J tdimond@niu.edu
Dzuranin, Ann Dean's Distinguished Professor of Analytics in Accounting 815-753-6212 BH 345Q adzuranin@niu.edu
Ellis, Jennifer Director, Professional Development Center 815-753-1591 BH 339B jellis2@niu.edu
Fox, Barbara Instructor 815-753-6313 BH 345I bfox@niu.edu
Gibbons, Daniel Instructor 815-753-6804 BH 345V dgibbons3@niu.edu
Gilbert, Julitta Instructor 815-753-6369 BH 345Z jgilbert@niu.edu
Grant, Elizabeth Instructor 815-753-6194 BH 345AA egrant@niu.edu
Gray, Angela Academic Advisor 815-753-6251 BH 345A agrimald@niu.edu
Hogan, Mark Instructor 815-753-6236 BH 345M mhogan1@niu.edu
Hux, Candice Assistant Professor 815-753-6471 BH 345E chux@niu.edu
Kispert, Steve Academic Advisor and Assistant to the Chair 815-753-3599 BH 345B skispert@niu.edu
Lee, Chih-Chen William and Dian Taylor Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6205 BH 345K cclee@niu.edu
Listy, Angie Office Support Specialist 815-753-1638 BH 345 alisty@niu.edu
Mantzke, Kate Donna R. Kieso Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6209 BH 345S kmantzke@niu.edu
Matuszewski, Linda Assistant Chair, Dean and Brenda DuCray Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6379 BH 228E lmatus@niu.edu
Mellon, Mark Assistant Professor 815-753-6606 BH 345T mmellon@niu.edu
Ndicu, Martin Assistant Professor 815-753-6207 BH 345O mndicu@niu.edu
Phelan, Tamara Instructor, Internship Director 815-753-6208 BH 345N tphelan@niu.edu
Pickard, Matt Assistant Professor 815-753-6501 BH 345P mpickard@niu.edu
Riley, Mark Dean and Brenda DuCray Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6204 BH 345G meriley@niu.edu
Ross, Kristina Office Support Associate 815-753-1637 BH 345 kross1@niu.edu
Shortridge, Rebecca Donald E. Kieso Endowed Chair in Accountancy 815-753-1250 BH 345D shortridge@niu.edu
Simon, John Professor Emeritus 815-753-6203 BH 345Y jsimon@niu.edu
Smith, Pam KPMG Endowed Professor of Accountancy, Presidential Teaching Professor 815-753-8673 BH 345U pamsmith@niu.edu
Stuart, Ellen Instructor 815-753-1592 BH 339A estuart@niu.edu
Tidrick, Don Professor, Deloitte Professor 815-753-2200 BH 345X dtidrick@niu.edu
Young, Jim Professor, Crowe Horwath Professor 815-753-6097 BH 345H jyoung@niu.edu
Youngberg, Suzanne Instructor, MST Advisor 815-753-6099 BH 228G youngberg@niu.edu
Yu, Carol Associate Professor 815-753-1538 BH 345R shaokunyu@niu.edu
Zimmerman, Ally Assistant Professor 815-753-6252 BH 345W azimmerman5@niu.edu

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Business Computer Labs

Lab Phone Location
Advanced Applications Lab, AAC 815-753-0276 BH 232
Bring It! Center, BIC 815-753-4225 BH 104
Management Marketing Lab, MML 815-753-0522 BH 204
Tech Huddle, TH 815-753-6199 BH 132

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College of Business Advancement Office

BH 145
Web page

Name Title Phone Office Email
Gensler, Teri Senior Gift Planning Officer 815-753-5400 BH 145 terigensler@niu.edu
Young, Cassandra Director of Alumni Relations 815-753-3760 BH 145C cassyoung@niu.edu

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Dean's Office

BH 139
Web page

Name Title Phone Office Email
Buhrow, Amy Director, Accreditation, Academic Reporting, and Strategy 815-753-5764 BH 139F abuhrow@niu.edu
De Jean, Michelle Director, Strategy and Marketing 815-753-8522 BH 205C mdejean@niu.edu
Ervin, Noca Administrative Assistant 815-753-1757 BH 139L nervin1@niu.edu
Johnson, Kelsey Director, Operations and Financial Strategy 815-753-6368 BH 139J kelsey.johnson@niu.edu
Myers, Pat Office Support Specialist 815-753-1755 BH 139B pmyers@niu.edu
Preston, Anthony Executive Director, Global Programs 815-753-6177 BH 139G  apreston@niu.edu
Rajagopalan, Balaji Dean 815-753-1755 BH 139K busdean@niu.edu
Tallon, Bill Acting Associate Dean 815-753-1246 BH 139C wtallon@niu.edu
Weaver, Connie Office Manager 815-753-1756 BH 139H weavercl@niu.edu

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Phone: 815-753-0429
Fax: 815-753-0504
BH 236
Web page

Name Title Phone Office Email
Cunningham, Christy Academic Advisor 815-753-1115 BH 236A ccunningham@niu.edu
Docking, Diane Associate Professor 815-753-6396 BH 236M ddocking@niu.edu
Goldstein, Norman Instructor 815-753-6243 BH 236J ngoldstein@niu.edu
Johnson, Kathleen Instructor 815-753-0322 BH 236E kljohnson@niu.edu
Kubasiak, Cindy Office Manager 815-753-0429 BH 236B cindyk@niu.edu
Lundstrum, Leonard Professor 815-753-0317 BH 236N llundstrum@niu.edu
Nicolosi, Gina Chair 815-753-6391 BH 236C gnicolos@niu.edu
Osmer, Eric Professor of Practice 815-753-6395 BH 236O eosmer@niu.edu
Patro, Sukesh Associate Professor 815-753-1354 BH 236P spatro@niu.edu
Qin, Nan Assistant Professor 815-753-1114 BH 236G nanqin@niu.edu
Zheng, Yao Assistant Professor 815-753-1114 BH 236F yzheng2@niu.edu
Zhou, Lei Professor, Jones, Diedrich, Mennie Professor 815-753-7882 BH 236I lzhou@niu.edu

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Impact Lab

BH 303
Web page

Name Title Phone Office Email
Collum, Jacie Director, Business Passport Program 815-753-1104 BH 303 jcollum@niu.edu
Doughty, Neil Director, BELIEF Program 815-753-7807 BH 303 ndoughty1@niu.edu
Gorham, Jason Director, Business Consulting 815-753-8414 BH 303 jgorham@niu.edu
Conference Room 815-753-4102 BH 303

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Phone: 815-753-1124
Fax: 815-753-6198
BH 245
Web page

Name Title Phone Office Email
Bishop, Terry Associate Professor 815-753-6316 BH 245I tbishop@niu.edu
Briscoe, Jon Professor 815-753-6305 BH 245H jonbriscoe@niu.edu
Burton, James Professor 815-753-6315 BH 245O jburton@niu.edu
Cockburn, Bethany 815-753-8567 BH 245C-1 bcockburn@niu.edu
Ferguson, Amanda Associate Professor 815-753-6307 BH 245Q amanda.j.ferguson@niu.edu
Finley, Wayne Instructor 815-753-6317 BH 245Z wfinley@niu.edu
Fuller, Connie Instructor 815-753-6356 BH 245J cfuller1@niu.edu
Gowen, Charles Professor 815-753-6306 BH 245E cgowen@niu.edu
Gur, Furkan Assistant Professor 815-753-6232 BH 245T fgur@niu.edu
Horgan, Steph Adviser 815-753-1124 BH 245D sluka1@niu.edu
Lietz, Susan Office Manager 815-753-6185 BH 245A shalverson@niu.edu
Lin, Haiying Assistant Professor 815-753-1124 BH 245 hlin2@niu.edu
Maher, John Instructor jmaher2@niu.edu
Marsh, Sarah Professor and Chair 815-753-6211 BH 245B smarsh@niu.edu
McCormick, Brian Assistant Professor 815-753-6187 BH 245U bwmccormick@niu.edu
Michel, Eric Assistant Professor 815-753-1124 BH 245C-2 ericjmichel@niu.edu
Mooney, Christine Barsema Professor of Social Entrepreneurship 815-753-6308 BH 245M chmooney@niu.edu
Nyquist, Keith Instructor 815-753-6304 BH 245L knyquist@niu.edu
Page, Russell Instructor 815-753-8567 BH 245 rpage1@niu.edu
Paquin, Kurt Instructor 815-753-6181 BH 245C-1 kpaquin1@niu.edu
Rau, Devaki Professor 815-753-3956 BH 245K drau@niu.edu
Sharp, Bart Mike and Kristina McGrath Professor of Entrepreneurship 815-753-6309 BH 245P bsharp1@niu.edu
Sommese, Jock Instructor 815-753-6214 BH 245Y jsommese@niu.edu
Subramony, Mahesh Professor 815-753-6311 BH 245F msubramony@niu.edu
Wade, David Associate Professor 815-753-6160 BH 245V dwade@niu.edu
Wild, Corie Office Support Specialist 815-753-1124 BH 245 cwild2@niu.edu
Wilk, Brian Instructor bwilk@niu.edu

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Phone: 815-753-1714
Fax: 815-753-6198
BH 128
Web page

Name Title Phone Office Email
Aurand, Timothy James E. Thompson Professor of Marketing 815-753-6231 BH 128N taurand@niu.edu
Cronauer, Emily Academic Advisor and Internship Coordinator 815-753-6230 BH 128E ecronauer@niu.edu
Domagalski, Sandra Instructor 815-753-6223 BH 128K sdomag@niu.edu
Eddy, Alex Instructor 815-753-6215 alex@niu.edu
Fredericks, Elisa Associate Professor 815-753-6217 BH 128J elisa@niu.edu
Gordon, Geoffrey Professor and Executive Director, College of Business Online Programs 815-753-6226 BH 128D ggordon@niu.edu
Groza, Mark Enterprise Holdings Associate Professor of Sales 815-753-6228 BH 128S mgroza@niu.edu
Groza, Mya Pronschinske Dean’s Distinguished Junior Professor of Digital Marketing and Director, MSDM Program 815-753-6215 BH 128I mya@niu.edu
Hart, Brenda Office Administrator 815-753-6221 BH 128C hart@niu.edu
Howlett, Charles Instructor and Director, Professional Sales Program 815-753-1714 BH 128Q chowlett@niu.edu
Inside Sales Call Lab, ISCL 815-753-3097 BH 344
Kaczka, Michele Instructor 815-753-1156 BH 128L mkaczka@niu.edu
Krishnan Palghat, Vijaykumar Associate Professor and Chair 815-753-6218 BH 128G vkrishnanpalghat@niu.edu
Morgan, Daniel Instructor 815-753-6393 BH 128U dmorgan@niu.edu
Nikolich, Michael Professor of Practice 815-753-1716 BH 128W nikolich@niu.edu
Peterson, Robert M. Dean's Distinguished Professor of Sales 815-753-6224 BH 128R peterson@niu.edu
Prabhaker, Paul Professor 815-753-6176 BH 128B prabhaker@niu.edu
Redisi, Jenny Instructor 815-753-6221 BH 128 jredisi@niu.edu
Schoenbachler, Denise Douglas and Cynthia Crocker Endowed Professor in Business 815-753-6225 BH 128O denises@niu.edu
Sullivan, Ursula Associate Professor 815-753-6285 BH 128F usullivan@niu.edu

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MBA Program

Phone: 815-753-1245
Fax: 815-753-1245
BH 203
Web page

Name Title Phone Office Email
Carrel, Ann Assistant Dean, MBA Program 815-753-0299 BH 203A acarrel@niu.edu
Hamell, Mary Office Support Specialist 815-753-1245 BH 203 mhamell@niu.edu
Olagunju, Candice Coordinator of Academic Advising and Marketing 815-753-1264 BH 203F cwheaten1@niu.edu
Preston, Anthony Executive Director, Global Programs 815-753-6177 BH 139G apreston@niu.edu
Ramadani, Burim Director, Student Services and Operations 815-753-0257 BH 203C bramadani@niu.edu

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Operations Management and Information Systems

Phone: 815-753-1286
Fax: 815-753-7460
BH 328
Web page

Name Title Phone Office Email
Bender, Brian Instructor 815-753-5833 BH 328W bbender@niu.edu
Cao, Xinyan Assistant Professor 815-753-3419 BH 328V xcao@niu.edu
Devereaux, Russ Associate Director and Program Advisor 815-753-6372 BH 328A rdevereaux2@niu.edu
Downing, Charles Presidential Teaching Professor, Dean's Distinguished Professor of OM&IS 815-753-6381 BH 328O cdowning@niu.edu
Godambe, Shail Instructor 815-753-6377 BH 328R sgodambe@niu.edu
Heyland, Jim Instructor 815-753-1205 BH 328M jheyland@niu.edu
Horton, Susie Office Administrator 815-753-1285 BH 328C shorton1@niu.edu
Iyengar, Kishen Assistant Professor 815-753-6370 BH 328L kiyengar@niu.edu
Kearsing, John Instructor 815-753-1286 BH 328N kearsing@niu.edu
Lee, Jung Young Associate Professor 815-753-1870 BH 328K younglee@niu.edu
Lee, Min Kyung Assistant Professor 815-753-6376 BH 328U mlee12@niu.edu
Liu, Chang Chair, Dean's Distinguished Professor of OM&IS 815-753-3021 BH 328D cliu@niu.edu
Liu, Yipeng Associate Professor, Assistant Chair 815-753-1287 BH 328B yliu@niu.edu
Mackie, Brian Visiting Associate Professor 815-753-5896 BH 328Q bmackie@niu.edu
Malgonde, Onkar Assistant Professor 815-753-6380 BH 328P omalgonde@niu.edu
McFadden, Kathleen Dean's Distinguished Professor of OM&IS 815-753-6374 BH 328X kmcfadden@niu.edu
Osterberg, Karah Instructor 815-753-6193 BH 328Y kosterberg1@niu.edu
Pendergrass, John Assistant Professor 815-753-1332 BH 328H jpendergrass@niu.edu
Petersen, Charles Dean's Distinguished Professor of OM&IS 815-753-1454 BH 328S cpetersen@niu.edu
Setterstrom, Andrew Assistant Professor of Information Systems 815-753-0554 BH 328F asetterstrom@niu.edu
Wang, Ying Assistant Professor 815-753-5834 BH 328T ywang15@niu.edu
Wu, Jiao (Aimee) Assistant Professor 815-753-5895 BH 328E jwu3@niu.edu

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Technology Resources

BH 205
Web page

Name Title Phone Office Email
Finnan, Luke Facilities Clerk 815-324-0423 BH 205E lfinnan1@niu.edu
Mulligan, Craig IT Technical Associate 815-753-6367 BH 205B cmulligan@niu.edu

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Undergraduate Advising and Student Resources

BH 201
Web page

Name Title Phone Office Email
Buffington, Kathi Office Manager 815-753-1325 BH 201 kbuffington@niu.edu
Eskoff, Meredith Academic Counselor 815-753-1325 BH 201 mgarren1@niu.edu
Lepic, Amanda Academic Counselor 815-753-1325 BH 201 alepic1@niu.edu
Marcellus, Lori Director 815-753-1325 BH 201E lorimarcellus@niu.edu
Woodruff, Megan Academic Counselor and Career Compass Coordinator 815-753-1325 BH 201C meheather@niu.edu

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